Concepting, Production, Photography & Film

For the 10th anniversary of we came up with the complete concept for their new campaign at our office. In the campaign we showed the daily street scene, but without clothes and only in underwear. The campaign was shared online and DOOH in the center of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Casting & Photographer
Jeremy Ziessen
Steven van der Vorm
Milan Carvalho
Jan van Galen
Sound designer
Noah Tabernal
Voice over
Arol Hendriks
Maxime Heemskerk, Annemare Guepin, Lisa van Beuren & Alejandro Grijze

Happy Birthday

We love a party – also with our clients! Congratulations again on your 10-year anniversary. It’s nice to see how our collaboration has grown into a true partnership across all visual campaigns. Cheers to many more to come!