#4 The new normal: living room content productions

#4 The new normal: living room content productions

With an extension of all the measures regarding the COVID-19 virus, we will remain at home for the time being. An uncertain period for many of us, but fortunately there are still opportunities. Whether it is home delivery, online coaching or concept creation for your business plan. Hopefully you found a way to stay active this period. 

Although our new content trip to Sardinia was planned in June, we are postponing this trip until (hopefully) the beginning of next year. For now, we focus on living room productions: our new normal. Let's give you an update. 

No big production teams, one on one shoots and high-quality content. Yep. This is our new normal. We understand that it might be difficult to produce sufficient content as a brand. The possibilities are no longer endless and make-up artist can no longer be involved in a photo or video production. But despite this, creating content is not impossible. Have you thought of a stay home campaign already? Probably yes, but we are here to help you. 

The first two living room productions have now been realized. View the photos above and below. We started working for boxers.nl and zonnebrillen.com and photographed their new content in our very own living room. Actually, quite a pleasant way of working. Models do their own makeup and hair, everything at your fingertips and best of all .. no traffic jam. In addition to photographing models, stills and product photos are also an option. We spend lots of hours on Pinterest these days and our mood boards are filled with cool inspiration. We cannot wait to use this inspiration for your brand. 

We like to think along with you. Interested in more information about living room content productions? Feel free to contact us and ask for all possibilities. We look forward getting in touch with you and create engaging content. #letscreate