#5 New talent on deck: Milan Carvalho

#5 New talent on deck: Milan Carvalho

YES! New talent on deck! In this blog you’ll get to know Milan Carvalho, co-owner & Head of Production at Campaign Store. Milan joined the team in June with his great attention for detail, his positive vibes and a bunch of experience. Curious about his story? Read more.

How did you get in touch with Campaign Store.? ‘Jeremy and I have been best friends for ages. The moment Jeremy told me about Campaign Store, I knew this was going to be a huge success. Why? Because the combination between concepting and managing an entire production was something I hadn’t seen often. I saw his first campaigns and was immediately enthusiastic.’

How would you describe your role? ‘My job is to reinforce Campaign Store. regarding its financials and creativity. Jeremy and I manage the whole picture for our clients together. When we have a shooting, I’ll make sure everything flows in the right direction. And I’ll be looking over the shoulder of our videographer as well.’

Could you give us a glimpse of a typical day in the life of Milan? ‘A typical day doesn’t exist for me. Sometimes I’m on set and sometimes I am at the office, brainstorming on new campaigns with Jeremy. Besides all that, I work on my own campaigns for social media and I do modeling.’

Which production you did was the most exciting? ‘Our very first production together was in Albufeira. We did a photo and video production for GOGO youth vacation. Normally Jeremy and I travel together at least once a year, but this year we didn’t because of COVID-19. So, the production for GOGO in Albufeira has come at just the right moment! It was hard work, but we had as much holiday fun as we normally have on our trips together.’

What makes you super excited? ‘New campaigns! Every single time we can jump into a new application I get super excited instantly. Let the creative process start! We can talk for ours about new ideas for campaigns after work (does ‘after work’ even exist?).’

What is your dream job as campaign producer? ‘Honestly, I don’t think I have a ‘dream job’. As long as I’m working together with our dream team on set I’m happy. But a production in a foreign country does have my preference. And I’ll love it even more if we can do both photography and videography.’

If we’re talking about customer relations management, what do you consider as unacceptable? ‘At Campaign Store. we primarily focus on fast and personal customer contact. In addition, we have one contact person per campaign. By sharing our expertise with our customers, they know they can count on us with confidence. Unclear communication and not reacting quickly enough is an absolute no-go for me.’

For what would you save for a long time? ‘New gear! I’m saving for a new camera at the moment, which I can use for filming as well.’

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? ‘You wouldn’t believe it, but I like to hang out with Jeremy! Besides that, I like making music and doing sports. Having a nice dinner with friends is - when COVID-19 doesn’t stand in the way - also something I’m always down for.’

What are 3 surprising facts about you?

1. I’ve been dreaming to become a director since I was a child. 
2.I’m not a morning person(at all)
3. With the refurbishment of our new studio, Campaign Studios., I realized I am a better handyman than I thought.

What do you think Campaign Store can mean for the media industry? ‘I think Campaign Store. could play a major part in this industry. We will always stay in touch with our customers directly so that every campaign can turn into a success. In our point of view a big campaign doesn’t mean you’ll be spending tons of money. Campaigns are available for any budget. And that’s where our slogan #letscreate comes from!’