#3 "As soon as I get home, I immediately remove all my jewelry." - Milou Tjioe [stylist]

A new topic within our blog, small interviews to get to know the creatives we work with. Great with coffee or on the go. After this interview with Dutch stylist Milou Tjioe, we do not only know the ins and outs about her busy life as a stylist, but also some fun facts about herself. 

When did you know you wanted to be a professional stylist? I have been devouring magazines since I was a little girl, to find inspiration for the most amazing outfits, color combinations and priceless items. I made lengthy wish lists. For someday. For the future. Therefore, I enjoyed styling nice outfits together when I had absorbed a dose of inspiration again. I never really thought that it could be part of your career, it just grew that way and then I rolled into it. 

How did you start working at Campaign Store.? I became friends with Jeremy (owner of the agency) a few years ago when we had a summer job together. We shared interests and ended up in the same work field. We occasionally worked together on different projects. When he asked me if I wanted to join CS.'s first content trip to Barcelona, I could not say yes faster!  

Can you take us through a typical day in the life of Milou? Actually, my days are never the same. But since we are only talking about styling, a day in preparation for a shoot for a specific clothing brand would look like this: styling complete outfits, gain inspiration, browse online- and offline shops for additional styling, creating mood boards and making a clear and complete overview of all these mentioned things. 

What is one of the most interesting shoots/projects you ever did?I think there are two. In high school, my friends and I organized a fashion show with all the trimmings. Looking back now, I am incredibly proud of that. We managed to work out a complete event at a young age, as a team of only four girls. The second thing I really liked is one of my latest shoots in Cape Town, which I produced on my own. I was proud of this for several reasons. I got this job from a company I only worked at for a few months. And yet, I had to do this on my own. You will understand this was way out of my comfort zone. In the end it was an amazing experience in which I learned a lot .. including overcoming some fears. Let's say it was a blessing in disguise. 

What did you dream of as a small child? Do you mean career wise? I considered all kinds of professions when I was a child. From wedding planner to dolphin coach and from midwife to ballerina. I clearly did not know, but I was also a skeptical. What I did know is that I wanted to do something that I would love. And I secretly knew if preferred something that has to do with fashion, because I always wanted to have a room full of clothes, bags, shoes and whatnot. But which girl doesn't want that? 

What is you dream styling job? Right now I would say a cool editorial at an overwhelming location somewhere in the world. Sounds very vague, I know. It is just that I do not really have anything specific in mind for this yet. So the moral is; create something that you are super proud of, because everything was right at that specific time. 

What characterized you and the choices you make in life? I am a perfectionist by nature in everything I do, so I do a lot of overthinking. As a result, things can take a very long time, because I want to check it a million times. And if I have to make choices, hundreds of scenarios would precede in my mind. 

Did you ever have a bad/crazy experience during your styling career? Fortunately not yet! And I hope that I will never experience that, I would think it would be a shame to lose the pleasure of working as a stylist. 

What would you change about the fashion industry? Reducing fast fashion. 

What is the most important lesson you have ever learned? Taking time for yourself and being "off(line)" is more important than I ever thought. I really am the kind of girl who can continue forever what she does or needs to do. I can work though nights to meet a deadline. And I take for granted that I only sleep for two hours. Since I have found that keep running is really not business as usual, I know that doing other (not work-related) things can have a positive effect to my working life. 

When you are not busy working, what are some of your favorite things to do? I love to dance, play the piano, walk through the woods, read a book, draw and paint (or anything else that has to do with handicraft). 

Give us five fun facts people might not know about you yet: 1. People may think that I live in Amsterdam, but actually I still live in Hengelo (a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands); 2. I have studied Facility Management; 3. I cannot sleep without my stuffed animal; 4. As soon as I get home, I immediately remove all my jewelry; 5. When I eat outside, cleaning the cutlery with a napkin is the first thing I do. 

What do you think Campaign Store. can do for the fashion industry? Campaign Store. offers companies the opportunity to take work off hands in the field of content creation and that saves a lot of time! And therefore very valuable.