#2 “You’re ahead of 95% by just starting.”

#2 “You’re ahead of 95% by just starting.”

Lately, I’ve been dreaming more than I’m actually planning. Actually, dreaming is a lot more fun, because change is never a bad thing. Dreaming about the future always has a positive note, whereas a change in actual plans can have a negative twist. Think about it, when was the last time your plans changed last minute? Such changes usually cause irritations or stress. How do I follow my dreams? The title already spoils it.. just start. Just by starting, you’re halfway there.

Even though Campaign Store. is only a few months old, I’ve already learned more than I could have dreamed of. As you could have read in my last blog, I’ve been a freelancer for some time already, but starting something from scratch is on another level. Building a business isn’t a straight line – it takes a lot of energy and unexpected obstacles will always twist your road. But it’s a way of evolving yourself that no study or course can help you do. You could see it as a process of self-awareness. How well do you know yourself? Have you ever asked yourself that question? By just doing it, you gain insights in your strengths and weaknesses. You’re more aware of yourself and are able to use these insights to learn how you can strategically use your strengths to improve your business – and your daily life.

Enough about us, time for some action. Sometime earlier this year I had a meeting with Daj van der Woude (owner of Models at Work Amsterdam). This meeting had one purpose: sales. But, my website wasn’t live yet, I had two social media channels with exactly 0 followers – how could I persuade my first clients to get in business with me? We had a nice chat, and discussed how business isn’t just about about a slick website and thousands of followers. Personality. That’s what gets you somewhere. Daj advised me to make a brief online presentation and just call some interesting companies. ‘Really?’ I asked him, ‘Without a website?’. Yes. Without a website. Super scary, but also super exciting. Why not? On my way home I called my first prospects, I sent my first emails within 24 hours, and within 48 hours my first offer was out the door. Awesome! The website wasn’t even a priority right now, why not just do it?

In good spirits, I continue dreaming – without forcing my dreams to come true. When your force your dreams to come true, they’re more like plans than they are dreams. Which is exactly what you shouldn’t want. I’d advise you to find a balance between the two. Next time, I’ll be back with a blog about my definition of success.

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