#1 “Even though I knew I was the entrepreneuring type, I never had the intention to start my own business.”

#1 “Even though I knew I was the entrepreneuring type, I never had the intention to start my own business.”

YES. My first blog is live. Something totally different. No pictures, but words. I have no writing experience, but I’ll try to keep it light. Anyway, I’m really excited to share my journey with Campaign Store. Campaign Store. is a brand new, saucy campaign agency. The goal of these blogs? To stay motivated, but also to inspire others by my learnings and adventures. I’d like to start off by looking back at the summer of 2017.

After an amazing summer break, I started my minor entrepreneurship in September 2017. The minor was a part of the third year of my studies – (Bachelor) Tourism Management – which I successfully completed last summer. The goal of this minor was to develop a realistically executable business plan. I remember they recommended us to work in pairs, but me being as stubborn as I am, decided to do the project by myself. To be honest, I didn’t want to waste a second handling lazy co-students. Whether it was a good move? No clue. All I know is – in that moment – I stood 100% behind my decision. Step 1 was made. Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks.

One step back. I already used my camera for way more than just holiday pictures. In 2014 I used my savings to buy my first SLR-camera. It was a Nikon D3100, which I combined with a 50mm 1.4 portretlens. Great for the holidays, but I didn’t really have intentions for it in my daily life yet. I was pretty interested to have models in front of my lens – since I had started modeling myself as well. Would agencies appreciate my work? I had no clue. I decided to make a few calls and plan as many shoots as I could. It was a typical case of ‘fake it till you make it’. The agencies turned out to be really excited – which was a nice kick for a 17-year-old boy.

Even though I knew I was the entrepreneuring type, but I never had the intention to start my own business. After lots of shoots and editorials, I kept hearing the question if I could do more than just standing behind the camera. If I knew any models? Fashionista’s? Make-up or hair artists? There was an obvious demand for more. So I supplied. This demand is the foundation of the Campaign Store. concept. I know there’s a demand for it, so I know it’s going to work. This is the story I told my teachers, my co-students, and the story I’ll tell everyone who asks for it. It’s a combination of passion and demand. The pitches of my co-students sounded unrealistic and there was always something missing – either passion or motivation. Such a shame. If you give the full 100%, entrepreneurship is so much fun. You probably know the cliché – if you turn your hobby into your job, you never work a day in your life.

Hello Campaign Store. During five months of (guest)lectures, brainstormsessions and one-on-one’s with fellow entrepreneurs and a salescoach, I created my businessplan into the tiniest details. I created a website, and the next chapter started: sales. Super exciting, super important. I’ll share more of that in one of my next blogs. Cheers!